White Vs Yellow Shea Butter

Ivory Shea Butter

When you buy Nami Naturals Raw Shea Butter, exactly what you are getting is ivory shea butter. If the shea butter you have is pure white, you have actually refined shea butter. While refined shea butter is not bad per se, it is far inferior to raw, unrefined shea butter.

Ivory shea butter has a rather difficult appearance, much like firm cookie dough. When compared to yellow shea butter, ivory is softer and melts much easier.

Yellow Shea Butter

white vs yellow shea butter
Yellow shea butter is made from the exact same Karite nut. Both yellow and ivory shea butter come from the exact same source, the yellow range is somewhat more firm and takes a bit longer to take in into the skin. The scent is extremely comparable to ivory shea butter.

The 2 butters are more or less the exact same. Some individuals state that yellow is much better for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, since it remains on the skin longer.


To include a bit of confusion into the mix, there is a 3rd item, African Butter, which is at some time marketed as yellow shea butter. African butter, likewise understood as Kpangnan butter, is made from the African Butter Tree (Pentadesma butyracea), and it in some cases offered as yellow shea butter. It does not have the high concentration of unsaponifiables that shea butter has, so it is a less recovery butter.

There are a couple of deceitful sellers out there who color their items to produce yellow shea butter. We hope that none of you ever has the misery of acquiring such an item. Constantly select a trustworthy business like Nami Naturals to guarantee you are getting the greatest quality items.